Year in Review


Despite the pandemic conditions that limited our operations, our team was able to participate in FIRST’s At Home challenges which consisted of driving, shooting and autonomous driving.  When school came back in-person, we were able to grow our team significantly.  We created formal training curriculums to efficiently onboard our new members.  The Capital City Classic off-season event that Team 2073 EagleForce co-sponsors was unfortunately cancelled due to school district restrictions.  We were however able to participate at the Madtown Throwdown offseason event in November!  The 2022 season is approaching and our team is gearing up for the competition!



In March of 2020, our pit crew and drive team arrived at Central Valley Regional on load-in day, and finished pit setup.  Upon arriving at the venue the next morning, we were disappointed to discover that COVID-19 concerns led to cancellation of the event.  The rest of our team was en-route, and had to turn back.  With the season cancelled, our team operations consisted mainly of meetings via Zoom.  We were still able to hold our Capital City Classic off-season event – albeit virtually!  The workshops were open to teams world-wide at no cost!



At the 2019 Monterey Bay Regional, our team earned the Engineering Inspiration award, a highly prestigious award that “celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community.  This award brought Team 2073 to the World Championships in Houston, Texas.  Our team has worked hard throughout the year and we are very proud of being able to help our community and spread STEM education to the next generations.

World Championship – Houston, Texas

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Aerospace Valley Regional – Lancaster, California

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Monterey Bay Regional – Monterey, California

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Photos of prior seasons are available in our 2073 EagleForce Media Archives.