The Team


  We cannot even start the process of building a robot without proper funding and support from our sponsors and business team. They handle the finances, make sure we have sponsors to keep the team active, organize social media, and insure we have transportation to our competitions. Thanks to the continued support from our sponsors we have participated in 10 seasons of robotics.

Business Director: Afraz H.
Business Manager: TBD

 Without a robot to use, no amount of sponsors, funding, or programming will allow us to win. The manufacturing team is in charge of concept ideas, designing the robot using CADD, and building the robot according to the designs. Any mistake in this process could lead to devastating consequences when it comes time to compete. During competitions, they act as our pit crew and make sure our robot is performing at maximum capacity.

Mechanical Director: Mackenzie T.
Mechanical Manager: andrew W.

 This is the backbone of any good robot. Quality programming is essential to doing well in any competition. Programming allows the robot to move and complete any task, no matter how complex or simple. Our team uses Java. The programming team also handles the electrical wiring that allows the robot to utilize the programs they built.

Programming Director: Gurvir K.
Programming Manager: Matthew B.


Michael Young – Founder, retired Lead Mentor
Will Walker – Faculty
Bill Kendall – Programming/Technical
Garrett Hernandez – Technical/​Strategy/Drive Coach
Jagandeep Singh – Scouting/Strategy
Nishan Sandhar – Business
Melissa Gallagher – Team Coordinator
Sharon Stanley – Team Coordinator
Lien Wong – Team Coordinator