Outreach into our communities is at the very heart of our team.  We aim to bring the knowledge and skills we have gained in robotics to not only our fellow students, but to our surrounding communities as well.

We demonstrate our robot at local elementary schools and community events to spread the word about FIRST robotics and encourage more of today’s youth to pursue STEM careers. The key areas of our outreach include:

  • Capital City Classic (offseason FRC tournament) – Team 2073 is the founding member of this tournament that began in 2013 with about one dozen competing teams, that now is operated by three partners (Team 1678 Citrus Circuits, Team 3859 Wolfpack Robotics and ourselves – Team 2073 EagleForce).  This Northern California tournament now attracts over 45 teams and combines a full competition with two days of workshops that are open even to non-competing teams, covering both technical and non-technical workshops.
  • FruitRidge Community Collaborative (FRCC) – an organization that servers the Sacramento Promise Zone, one of the highest poverty areas in Sacramento County and the State of California.  The organization reached out to us and we put together a curriculum to teach simple engineering concepts and build solar powered racing cars.
  • EagleCourse Summer Camps – Beginning in 2018 Team 2073 members put together curriculum for a summer robotics camp, and act as counselors in the one week long summer sessions.  Our goal is to create an exciting environment for 5th through 8th graders to develop a love for STEM and learn the fundamentals of robotics.  We are already seeing graduates of these camps join Team 2073 EagleForce.
  • First Lego League tournaments – Team 2073 has been hosting qualifiers and district championships since 2015.  These events are important since they are stepping stones in continuing to advance interest in STEM.
  • Go Baby Go – we use the skills we learn in robotics to give back to the community that supports us.  We have modified two ride-on battery powered cars to bring mobility to two children who are restricted due to Cerebral Palsy.
  • Exoskeleton Arm Project – we started this project in 2018 to build an assistive exoskeleton arm that attached to a child’s own arm to allow for increased ability to use his own arm by leveraging rubber bands to assist the child’s own muscles.  While ultimately not deployed, this project inspired us to pursue other efforts, including our Go Baby Go projects.
  • Elementary schools – by presenting at elementary schools, we are building a pipeline of interested students and encouraging involvement in the FIRST Lego League level of robotics.  These demos also serve as a way to recruit children to become engaged in our EagleCourse Robotics using the Vex Robotics Platform.
  • Girl Scouts STEM events – our primary goal in presenting at Girl Scouts STEM events is to increase awareness amongst female members of our community.  In 2020, the leaders of our Business Team and the Mechanical Team are both participants in the Girl Scout organization.
  • Geekology day at World of Wonders Science Museum in Lodi, CA – Annually the facility holds a free museum day to encourage children to learn about science in a hands-on manner.  We demonstrate our robot, and our team engages with attendees to answer questions about the FIRST Robotics program.
  • Retirement Communities – we demonstrate our robot and engage with the audience in a local retirement community.  Many of the retirees have worked in Technical and Mechanical fields, and have many good questions!